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Lady Sheherazahde's Site Updates

04/10/09 Major update on the Cooking page. Added a lot of recipies.

03/24/07 Cleaned up the main page and added links to my other sites.

03/21/07 Added the The Abecedarian Book Project page and updated the main page to link to it.

03/08/07 Updated the HTML on the Library Page, added link to my Library Thing catalog.

03/06/07 Added a feed of my LiveJournal and a section for my Public Access TV shows to the front page

01/12/06 updated the Ithaca Job Resources Page With a bunch of links Buddha gave me.

11/13/05 added Quick Minestrone Soup, Tamale Pie, and Eggplant and Ground Beef Rolls to Zahdé's Cooking Page.

08/28/05 Put up Wiccan Music Recommendations with links from Zahdé's Music Page

04/24/05 Added links to Pope Zaphod's "Those Darn Cats" comics to The Temple of My Familiar main page.

02/02/05 Updated Zahdé's Cooking Page Added Papa Snyder's Hungarian Goulash, Kaaren's Chicken Paprikash with Homemade Egg Noodles, Zahdé's Beef Heart Paprikash.

11/20/04 Added "Traditions Magazine" to the Pagan Publications page.

11/03/04 Added a Name and Phrase Generators index page for my new Automatic Insult Generator and updated the Humor Links And E-Mail Archive. Moved most of the Links to Other Humor Sites to their own page.

08/05/04 Just updated my Links To Neopagan FAQs page. I hadn't really done anything with it in three years. Wow, how time flies. The internet is so ephemeral in so many ways. I really should spend more time on my own writing and less on outside links.

05/31/04 Added orange Self-Injury Awareness Movement ribon to the Ribbon Campaigns page.

03/30/04 Updated the my Comics page agains just minor tweeking. Hooked up my Beef Stroganoff recipe to the cooking page.

03/28/04 Updated the Job Resources in Ithaca New York page. It hadn't been gone over in years. There is more I could do but it is 2:35am so I'm going to bed. Ooops I lied. I put up my Cheesecake recipe and updated the cooking page.

02/29/04 Added My Personal Best Mac & Cheese to the Cooking Page

02/10/04 Added Tracy's Broccoli Cheese Soup to the Zahdé's Cooking Page

01/03/04 Finally put up the Conceptual Categories From "Moral Politics", by George Lakoff, page in the Sociology section and linked it off of the index page.

12/24/03 Moved the music section out of the Alliance Community pages and into it's own section. Put up a link on the main page. Re-arranged some things on the main page to make room for new section ("Sexuality" and "Friends").

12/23/03 Updated the cat page some more. Fixed some broken links and updated the humorous cat story pages. Added a whole bunch of links about declawing and spay/neuter.

12/22/03 Added some new comics to my Comics page and a new store to my store page. Added a couple links and several recipes to my recipe page

12/11/03 Fixed broken links and some old code on the Calendar page.

12/10/03 Moved the whole Recipies section out of the Alliance Community file and into it's own section called Zahd�'s Cooking Page which is linked off of the front page. Added recipies for Zahd�'s Genyooin Klatchian Curry and Cousin Christina's Tabouleh. Still have a lot of cleaning up to do with that.

12/09/03 Added a short version of the Types of Disagreements to the Sociology page

12/08/03 Linked the PPP lecture notes to the Braided Wheel Page, also put up Sacred Clown Notes and tweeked the Home Page (deleted the Ithaca pagan page link, moved things around a bit)

12/07/03 Finally put my notes from the lecture I gave on Pagan Pride Day up on the Sociology page. Re-did most of the page and updated all of the pages in that file. It is still a mess but now at least it has content.

12/01/03 Put up the Witch-In-A-Box page and put a link to it on the Braided Wheel Tradition Page.

11/28/03 Finally added links to Arwen's pages on the cat page.

11/15/03 Added a new store The Glowing Moon Shop to the Pagan Store Page per e-mail request for link exchange.

10/06/03 Updated and did some editing on the History of the Braided Wheel Tradition page. I had been meaning to run a spell checker over that ever since I got my upgrade to BBEdit 6

09/29/03 A bit of re-organizing on the Comics page to move all the ones I now view on my Live Journal into a separate list. Added Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, FoxTrot by Bill Amend, Ozy and Millie by David Craig Simpson, and Unshelved by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. I also updated my Ribbon List because someone sent me a new ribbon.

08/06/03 Just a few new Comics on the Comics page. I joined Girlamatic.com. Mostly for L'il Mell By Shaenon K. Garrity and Vera Brosgol, but I also found Dicebox By Jenn Manley Lee which is very interesting.

08/03/03 Lots of updates today. I started off updating the Scary Christians Page. Then I discovered that I had never linked it properly in the first place so I had to updated the Alternative Religion Page, not much, just add a link and clean up some code. And I moved some links from the Alternative Religions Links Page to the Scary Christians Page. Last week someone wrote to me complaining about the some of the things I say on the The Rapture page so I checked it out, cleaned up the typos and the code, and got it up to snuff. I didn't address any of the complaints, but I don't have to.

07/30/03 Since Starhawk is coming to town in a few months I updated my Starhawk Page to have all her books.

07/16/03 I recently discovered a wonderful series of books and have made a page for them in my Books section check out Wooden Books. After I put up the page I linked from the library and site map.

06/28/03 I decided to make a page where I would list every time I updated the site, so people who visit often can easily see if anything new has happened since they last visited. I linked to the Main page and the Site Map So I also updated them.

06/26/03 Rearranged Zahde's Favorite Comics so the ones I read the most are at the top of the page. Sorted out the ones I haven't read in a while into separate categories. And added Oh My Gods! by Shivian Montar Balaris, Movie Punks by Carrington Vanston, C-Realm, and Queen of Wands by Aeire.

06/25/03 Totally revamped the Charity Links page into Sheherazahde's Links To Good Sites and made the necessary link correction on the Pagan Links page. As you can see I am having trouble categorizing what I want to do with that page. It was just links to click through charity sites. But I had a whole bunch of other links I wanted to put up some where and I just couldn't figure out where they fit in. So now they fit in here.

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