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About This Site

"Lady Sheherazahde's Wiccan Ways" is the online interface with my mind. Experience has shown that I think in hypertext and it is a relief for me to be able to make the links in the linear text where they occur in my thinking. But it is taking time to get my ideas in linear form for you. (I am trying to pin them down but they keep fluttering around like buterflies.) The site will change as I download new information into text and update old information. I consider "web site under construction" to be redundant. (You have been warned so please be patient and check back often.)

I have a tendancy to make subdirectories when my main directories get full. If you link to directory index pages in stead of the individual pages the links are less likely to break.

This page is the main directory and leads to the sub directories.

Information on the site is arranged by subject so links to outside pages are mixed in with internal links. If you only want to see pages that are actually on this site use my Site Map

I love books and encourage people to read at every chance. For your convenience whenever I mention a book I have tried to link it to Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk so you can buy your own copy.

My three main interests are 1)religion 2)why people behave the way they do and 3)SF and Fantasy. I believe these subjects are all inter-related.

I originally intended this to more of my own writing and fewer links. But it is much easier to put up a link than to risk expressing my own ideas, so the links are outnumbering the original works. But I will still try to produce essays worth posting.

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