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Small Group Wiccan Ritual Form 2

Revised for the 2005 working group. An Approved Variation of the basic form.


Get Together:(Time)
  1. Preliminary Group Bonding and Dinner
  2. Set Up the Altar (With one Empty Seat to symbolize our willingness to accept new members)
  3. Check In (An honest inventory of the emotional and spiritual state of participants)
Ritual start:(Time)
  1. Grounding Meditation: (Who?)
  2. Light Center Candle: (Who?)
  3. Purify the space (Soak and Smoke)
    1. Salt Water: (Who?)
    2. Incense:(Who?)
  4. Circle Casting: (Who?)
  5. Quarter Calls: (Special Instructions?)
    1. East: (Who?)
    2. South: (Who?)
    3. West: (Who?)
    4. North: (Who?)
  6. God/dess Calls: (Special instructions?)
    1. God/dess: (Yes/No?) (Who?)
    2. God: (Who?)
    3. Goddess: (Who?)
  7. Magical Work:

  8. Energy Raising & Grounding:(Spiral Dance? Drumming? Chanting?)
  9. Sacred Feast: (Who? x2)
    1. Symbolic Great Rite
    2. Bread Blessing
  10. Passing the Cup: (Toast, Boast, and Vows or Gratitude)
  11. God/dess Devocations: Done by the people who did the calls
    1. God/dess
    2. Goddess
    3. God
  12. Quarter Devocations: Done by the people who did the calls
    1. North
    2. West
    3. South
    4. East
  13. Circle Closing
[learn one new song every time, learn one new story every time]

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