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Small Group Wiccan Ritual Form

When: (Date)
Get Together:(Time)
  1. Preliminary Group Bonding and Discussion:
  2. Set Up the Altar
Ritual start:(Time)
  1. Light Center Candle: (Who?)
  2. Grounding Meditation: (Who?)
  3. Purify the space (Soak and Smoke)
    1. Salt Water: (Who?)
    2. Incense:(Who?)
  4. Circle Casting: (Who?)
  5. Quarter Calls: (Special Instructions?)
    1. East: (Who?)
    2. South: (Who?)
    3. West: (Who?)
    4. North: (Who?)
  6. God/dess Calls: (Special instructions?)
    1. God/dess: (Yes/No?) (Who?)
    2. God: (Who?)
    3. Goddess: (Who?)
  7. Magical Work:

  8. Energy Raising & Grounding:(Spiral Dance? Drumming? Chanting?)
  9. Sacred Feast: (Who?)
    1. Symbolic Great Rite: (Yes/No?) (Who?)
    2. Bread Blessing: (Yes/No?) (Who?)
    3. Wine and Cakes Blessing:
  10. Passing the Cup: (Sharing of joys and concerns) (Who?)
  11. God/dess Devocations: Done by the people who did the calls
    1. God/dess
    2. Goddess
    3. God
  12. Quarter Devocations: Done by the people who did the calls
    1. North
    2. West
    3. South
    4. East
  13. Circle Closing

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