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Purification of Ritual Space

It is common practice in Wiccan based Rituals to purify everyone and everything in the Ritual area at the beginning of the Ritual. Because our religion is an earth centered one we do not believe that we are inherently dirty. But we do believe that it is possible for us to pick up unhealthy or destructive energies in our daily lives. The ritual purification is our opportunity to wash away the negative influences we wish to banish from our lives.

Now we call upon the elemental spirits to carry away our fears and anxieties that blind and inhibit us. As we call each elemental let us give it a gift of our energy to thank it for it's help.
The ritual purification is usually done in two parts: first the salt and water (Asperges), then the fire and air (Incensing).This is sometimes called the Soak and Smoke.

We start with the Salt consecration in the north. The purification is done counter clockwise to banish negative influences.

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