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This is Lady Sheherazahde's Ritual Record for New Moon 2/20/99

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I saw the crescent moon last night so I called a New Moon Ritual. It might have been more timely if I had thought ahead and had the ritual on Thursday but tonight turned out to be a good night for ritual.

Facilitator(s): Sheherazahde

Where: The Raven's Nest (our living room)

When: (2/20/99) Get Together: (6pm for dinner. 8pm for Ritual)

  1. Preliminary Group Bonding and Discussion: It was just Kris, Stephen and me. We decided we needed to do something to strengthen lines of communication and friendship in our lives. We also decided we would distribute parts in the ritual by taking turns.
  2. Set Up the Altar. Standard Braided Wheel set up. Cheese cake for Cakes and apple/pear/passion fruit juice for Wine. (No Bananas and Chambord this time.)

    Ritual start: (8:30)

  3. Light Center Candle: (Stephen) I like his wording "And so it begins"
  4. Grounding Meditation: (Who?) Didn't do one this time. Maybe that is why the North candle wouldn't light.
  5. Soak and Smoke
    1. Salt Water: (Me) Standard from the ritual deck, but this time I remembered to use the singing bowl to consecrate the water.
    2. Incense: (Kris) Nicely done. She is a good sport and fun to work with.
  6. Circle Casting: (Stephen) Once again beautiful original wording. He is so intense.
  7. Quarter Calls: (Standard associations, we are agreed on the form.) We all did extemporaneous calls as usual
    1. East: (Kris)
    2. South: (Me)
    3. West: (Stephen)
    4. North: (Kris) Some trouble getting the candle lit. It wouldn't catch until we lit it from the center.
  8. God/dess Calls:
    1. God/dess: (No)
    2. God: (Me) I started out with a short invocation to Ra. (He is the Sun God! He is the fun God! Ra, Ra, Ra!) Then I settled down into a full invocation of the Lord as Sun and Sky.
    3. Goddess: (Stephen) A beautiful invocation to the Lady as sleeping Mother Earth.
  9. Magical Work: We spoke our wishes for strengthening of lines of friendship and communication while focusing our energy into the smoke of the incense.
  10. Energy Raising: (Chanting)
  11. Grounding: Individual focus for grounding.
  12. Sacred Feast:
    1. Symbolic Great Rite: (Yes) (Stephen and Kris) In the Braided WheelTradition this is done with a Wand and the Chalice. I have been very into incuding this part in the ritual lately.
    2. Wine Blessing: (No) The Great Rite blesses the Wine.
    3. Bread Blessing: (Kris and me.) Stephen is not as familar with this blessing. When we are doing the Great Rite I like to use the bread Blessing from p156 of "Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed" by Doreen Valiente and Evan Jones. Our Great Rite uses the Wand and the Chalice, This bread blessing uses the Athame and the Pentacle.
    4. Passing the Cup: (Sharing of joys and concerns) We had a very interesting discussion about cats we have lived with.
  13. Devocations: Done by the people who did the calls
    1. Goddess (Stephen)
    2. God (Me)
    3. North (Kris)
    4. West (Stephen)
    5. South (Me)
    6. East (Kris)
    7. Circle Closing (Me) I wanted to do the "The work of the world lies before us…" closing. It has been a long time since I have done it and I am rusty on the words. Stephen was gracious enough to allow me to take his turn.
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