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Goddess and God Calls in the Braided Wheel Tradition of Wicca

Calling down (or up) the Gods

For the purpose of performing Magic the concept of Polytheism is most useful. Specific deities with specific personalities can be called upon to intervene in specific cases. For general worship when no particular task is being performed more abstract models of deity are sufficient.

As we discuss elsewhere Neopagans hold a immanent view of Deities, if the deities are already here why do we have to call them? The answer is "mindfulness". Mindfulness is awareness of action, it is responsible thought, it means paying attention to what you are doing. Any path walked with attention to its spiritual nature will lead to enlightenment. We call the Deities to make ourselves mindful of them and to make them mindful of us.

Deities can be called in a number of ways. They can be Invoked or Evoked.


Invoking means calling to the deity as an astral entity. It is possible to invoke their attention without invoking their presence. When a deities presence is invoked, the deity is invited to take possession of (ride) the petitioner. In Wiccan traditions this is called "Drawing Down the Moon" (for the Goddess or "Drawing Down the Sun" for the God). If only the attention is invoked no one need offer to be possessed. Possession should always be taken seriously.


Evoking means drawing that aspect of what you want to surface in yourself. It may feel like a divine possession. The difference is mostly in attitude, an evoked deity is not considered and outside force.

The Call

However you chose to call Deity your call should include
  1. a descriptive evocation (or invocation)
  2. a request for assistance,
  3. a welcoming
  4. a signal of arrival
  5. a statement of completion

For example

  1. Hail to the Great Mother! Life giver, caregiver, Flowering vine!
  2. Come join us in this rite! Bless us with your love and laughter!
  3. Welcome
  4. (light candle, ring bell)
  5. Blessed Be

We usually call the God and then the Goddess. Remember everyone greeted in the ritual must be wished a safe journey home as well. Say goodbye to everyone you said hello to.

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