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Building Pagan Community


The purpose of this site is to be a resource for people interested in building Pagan Community or just hosting Community Rituals.

Community Ritual

There is no such thing as a "generic" ritual. All rituals reflect the tradition they came from. What most American Neopagans mean by a "generic" ritual is a standard American Eclectic Wiccan ritual.

Educational Fliers

Fliers that can by handed out are very usefull in trying to educate the public about our beliefs. The Pagan Pride Project came to the same conclusion and set up a page of Resource that their members have permission to use.

Below are some are fliers I have written myself. You have my permission to copy and distribute them as long as you don't change anything, or charge money for them. You may add you local group's contact information but do not remove any of the other information.


Neo-Pagans are generally anti-authoritarian and therefor anti-government. This is unfortunate because the only way to ensure a democratic government it to make one deliberately. Default governments are never democracies.

Here are some recomended books on government in religious communities.

Here are some sample govenment documents.

Usefull Projects for building local communities

Related Groups

There are several Non-Pagan communities and oragnizations that overlap with the Pagan Community. These groups are not Pagan in themselves but many Pagans belong to these groups. Pagan can be found at their events and they can be found at ours. As near as we can figure out the common factors are intelegence, creativity, and imagination.

History of the Alliance Community

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