Pre Rit Rap

These are the general announcements for before an open ritual. After these general announcements you can make any special announcements for that particular ritual, then go over what will happen in the ritual and teach any chants or give any special instructions for that ritual.

SPECIAL NEEDS. If you have any special needs, such as dietary restrictions, allergies, or physical restrictions, please let us know ritual before the ritual begins, so that your needs can be accommodated. There are chairs in the ritual space for people who can not stand for long periods of time or sit on the floor. Please leave these chairs for the people who need them.

CAKES AND WINE. Part of the ritual is called "Cakes and Wine" although it usually involves neither. Usually it is bread or cookies and juice. If you can not partake of either for any reason that is OK. It is polite to just salute the vessel and pass it on. If you have any contagious diseases please do not share them with us.

MONEY. Big community rituals are a public service we all benefit from. And it is a burden that we should share to make lighter. Neopagan groups are rarely wealthy and most costs come out of the pockets of the hosting group. Make a donation to help cover costs. If you do not have any money offer to do some of the work. The clean up crew can always use a hand.

HORNED GODS: This is just basic for anyone who is familiar with the pagan community, but for people who don't know what we do, I just want to let you know. People may refer to the Horned One or the Horned God. That is a common name for any of several Nature Gods such as Pan and Cernunnos.

CIRCLE. Do not enter or leave once a Wiccan Circle is cast without honoring the Circle boundary (cutting a gate). Once the Circle is cast no one should enter or leave without good reason; even then a gate should be cut in the Circle and closed when the person has passed through.

DEOSIL. Deosil means clockwise (E-S-W-N-E). Always go clockwise around a Wiccan Circle unless told otherwise. In Wiccan rituals when in doubt go deosil.

TOOLS, RITUAL. For many Pagans, their ritual tools are very special items that, in some cases, have never been touched by any one else. If you see something interesting lying around, please ask before handling it. Never touch anyone's ritual tools (wands, athames, drums, Tarot cards, anything that looks interesting) without the owners permissions.

DRUMS. Drums are often ritual tools. See Tools. Drums are very popular among Neopagans and are usually welcome. But keep in mind that people are more likely to appreciate your drumming if you appreciate their singing and quiet conversation.

TALKING. Please refrain from conversations during the ritual. We are supposed to be focusing on the ceremony.

TOUCHING. Many Pagans like to hug. Some people like this. Some people don't like this. If you want people to keep their distance just tell them. If you need help with this, please ask someone.

CONSENT. If something happens in ritual that feels wrong or that feels uncomfortable you do not have to do it. In fact you are morally obligated not to participate in any activity you do not condone.

FOOD. Doing Magic makes most people hungry so a feast is usually part of the schedule. It is always polite to bring food or drink to share after the ritual. If you didn't bring anything you can still stay and share in the feast. If you feel guilty about it you could help clean up afterward we can always use help. If you must miss the feast we still advise that you eat as soon as possible.

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