Large Group Wiccan Ritual Form

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Initial Planning

Before the Ritual Begins

  1. Set Up: (Altar, Quarter Shrines, Gates, Food Area, Greeting Area, Signs)
  2. Gathering Area Staff -Reception (Welcome people, direct traffic, answer questions, get names for Mailing list.)
  3. Ritual Area Staff - Grounding (HP/S & Quarters)
  4. Light Center Candle: (Who?)
  5. Site Purification and gates:(Special Instructions?)

Ritual start:

  1. Pre Rit Rap: (Who gives it?)
  2. Procession Through Purifying Gates:
  3. Grounding Meditation: (Who?)
  4. Circle Casting: (Who?)
  5. Quarter Calls: (Special Instructions?)(Same as Gates?)
  6. God/dess Calls: (Special instructions?)
    1. God/dess: (Yes/No?) (Who?)
    2. God: (Who?)
    3. Goddess: (Who?)
  7. Passion Play:
  8. Magic:
  9. Energy raising:(Spiral Dance? Drumming? Chanting?)
  10. Grounding:
  11. Sacred Feast:
    1. (Great Rite): (Yes/No) (Who?)
    2. (Wine Blessing):(Yes/No) (Who?) (Which?)
    3. Bread Blessing:(Who?) (Which?)
    4. Passing the Cup: (Sharing of joys and concerns?)
  12. Devocations: (Done by the people who did the calls?)
    1. Goddess
    2. God
    3. North
    4. West
    5. South
    6. East
    7. Circle Closing
  13. Communing Decompress, share food Talk, Sing, Drum, Clean up
After The Ritual At least 24 hours.

Sheherazahde, 1998 (Revised 03/13/02)
Distribution is welcome if this notice is included.
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