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Welcome to my Garden

My Front Garden.

Blue Crocuses.

Yellow Crocuses.

My purple magnolia

My heather rockery in Spring (I)

My heather rockery in Spring (II)

My heather rockery in Summer.

A Lavender Bush.

My hanging basket, Pergola and Sundial Rockery

My hanging basket of petunias

My Herb Bed.

My Cottage Garden Border.

My Blue Spiky Plant.

My Pink Tufty Plant.

A Gladiolus.

My Ornamental Thistle.

A Sunflower.

My red rambling rose.

My front-door side Pink Rose.

One of many Yellow Roses.

My Pink and White Rose.

A group of five blooms.

My scented yellow and pink rose.

The same, but as a half-open bud.

My White Rose

My pathside Red Rose.

My White Lilly.

My Red Lilly. 
Thanks to John for much of the camera work.
My Dahlias.
My Pot Plants.
My Goldfish.
My Frog.

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