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My Soft Friends.
Alexander, the wild and hairy haggis from Stirling.

Horace the spider: from Bristol Zoo, I think.

Olly the owl: from Marwell Zoo, I think.

Rolf the mongrel: a presant from David, baught in Camberley.

Stripe the dalmation with EARS: a presant from David, bought in Southend. 

Spot the elephant. Won at the fayre on Clifton Downs, Bristol, not long after David and I met, I think.

Toney the tiger with ATTITUDE, also known as T-squared.

Max the bear: David's favourite.

The dogs, spider and owl.

Barry the dragon: named after a friend of David.

Blustyr the not so soft dragon, from Ottowa.

My Soft Friends.

Thanks to John for the camera work.
My Dahlias.
My Garden.
My Pot Plants.
My Goldfish.
My Pet Frog.

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