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My Wonderful Pot Plants

Bathroom Fern : I think that its making a bid for World Domination!

One of my Begonia Rex.

My Bizzy Lizzie : We've been together for 23 years!

One of my bromeliads.

My other bromeliad : No bracht this year, though.

My Dracaena.

My giant begonia: yes it is about six feet tall: and that's Erik the Viking.

David's "Joseph's Coat": I almost killed this a few years ago.

My "purple plant" : not sure what it is.

My largest Yucca. Yes it is about 10 feet tall!
My Christmas Cactus in full bloom.

My Cyclamen.

My Euphobia: It doubled in size in 2000. It's very much bigger now.

My Money Tree : It flowers, but you've missed it!

My Pink Pelargonium

My Red Pelargonium

My Pineapple: I grew this from a "cut off top", just like the one growing out of this fruit.

My Pineapple : a close-up. I'll hopefully, grow it on again from its crest.

My First Fuschia

My second Fuschia
Thanks to John for most of the camera work.
My Dahlias.
My Garden.
My Goldfish.
My Frog.

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