Pastor Bill's 1st WS Site


This is my first WebRing WebSpace website.
I am internet Pastor BIll Mazzulla III, webringID: bill3rd.

You can leave me a Public messages by WebRing at comments!

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Coming Soon

Many of Pastor Bill's websites now on GeoCities* will be changed to WebSpace as our new server.
Some will be spiritual and some helpful for web traffic.
Like about basics in helping your site get more traffic (SEO Friendly)
A link to our Index page as the number of our WebSpace sites grow.

Our sites on FreeServers are staying there!
However, I will add at least one link from here to that site.

*See my WebRing blog;
GeoCities Has Given Notice.
To read it click on this link
GeoCities Has given Notice

The above map is a World Map Clock.
This should be helpful to WebRing members since our WebRing friends are from all over the
globe. Move your mouse over the map and you can see what time it is anywhere in the world.

The World Map Clock uses military time.
With military time the morning times are still the same. It is once you hit 1:00 pm where to tell the time it is different.
1 pm would appear as 13:00:00. So you subtract 12 from the first 2 digits (in this case 13-12=1) and you have 1 pm.
If it showed 22:53:19 then subtract 12 from the 22 and you would have 10:53:19 so that is 10:53 pm and 19 seconds.
So just remember 12:00:01 starts afternoon and if the first two digits make up a number of 13 or bigger then subtract 12.
And oh yes, midnight is 00:00:00. So 00:23:00 would be exactly 12:23 am.

By the way, I live in the Eastern United States so my time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time).

These 2 photos I received by e-mail. They are here because I found them interesting.
Photobucket Photobucket
I can't help but wonder are there really albino peacocks or is this trick photgraphy?