Andrew Bell's Runequest Digest

This is the table of contents for the Runequest Digest.  It, the Digest, is an edited collection of essays about Glorantha started by Andrew Bell.  The Digest was an e-mail exchange that existed way back in the dawn of the Internet Age, the late 80's and early 90's.  These are musings, stories and arguments [mostly] about Runequest 3 (though you'll see arguments comaparing the merits of RQ2 and RQ3!

What I've provided here is just the table of contents!  If you want any of the articles you will have to visit Brian Kondalski's page to access the zipped archive.  I've created this web index as a public service since it's a heck of a lot easier to search and scan for the good stuff than a zipped file:-)  The numbers on the left of course refer to the volume and part, e.g. 1.1 is indicated as vol01p01 in the zipped archives.  The only thing I've added to this list is a list of the various supplements and their authors.  The zipped files despite their file extensions can be opened by pretty much any word processor.  I used Word Pad.

Table of Contents for the RuneQuest Digest

1.1: RQ Martial Arts (Mark Abbott)
1.2: Potions for RuneQuest (Elliot Wilen)
1.3: PC Dragon Variant (John Redden)
1.4: RQ Fatigue (Andrew Bell)
1.5: Whad Needs Changing (Andrew Bell)
1.6: Sorcery Rules (Elliot Wilen)
1.7: RQ Armor Problems (Elliot Wilen)
1.7: RQ Fatigue (Mark Abbott)
1.7: Re: Elliot's Comments (Andrew Bell)
1.7: Re: Mark's Fatigue System (Andrew Bell)
1.8: Armor, Fatigue, etc (Mark Abbott)
1.8: Re: RQ Sorcery (Steve Maurer)
1.9: RQ Training (Andrew Bell)
1.9: Previous Experience (Andrew Bell)
1.9: A New Look at Characteristics (Andrew Bell)
1.9: Size Mod for RQ (Steven A. Schrader)
1.9: Re: Size Mod for RQ (Andrew Bell)
1.9: Armor and Hit Locations (Mark Abbott)
1.10: GURPS Weapons (Elliot Wilen)
1.10: RQ Size (Steven A. Schrader)
1.10: Height versus Weight (Andrew Bell)
1.11: Knockback (Andrew Bell)
1.11: GURPS Combat (Elliot Wilen)
1.11: Things I Would Like to See (Thomas E. Young)
1.11: Two-handed Weapon Use (Steven A. Schrader)
1.12: A New Race for Fantasy Worlds (Elliot Wilen)
1.12: Jack-of-all-trades Characters (Andrew Bell)

2.1: Knockback and Characters (Mark Abbott)
2.1: Height vs. Weight Split (Steven A. Schrader)
2.1: A New Experience System (Andrew Bell)
2.2: Jack of all Traes (Mark Abbott)
2.2: RQ Enchantments (John Thompson)
2.2: Re: GURPS Combat (Andrew Bell)
2.2: Re: Two-handed Weapon Use (Andrew Bell)
2.3: Problems I Do Not Have in my Campaign (Steve Maurer)
2.3: An Alternative RQ Experience System (Adrian Joseph)
2.3: On the Limiting of Power (Joel Rives)
2.4: Re: RQ Rules, Questions (Jeff Okamoto)
2.4: Everybody Trying to Pick the Lock (Mark Abbott)
2.5: Re: Everybody Trying to Pick the Lock (Andrew Bell)
2.5: Spell Crit/Fumble Rolls (Steven A. Schrader)
2.6: Re: Spell Crit/Fumble Rolls (Jeff Okamoto)
2.7: RQ Spell Power? (Adrian Joseph)
2.8: Re: RQ Spell Power? (Andrew Bell)
2.9: Alternate Characteristic Generation System (Charles C. Allen)
2.9: Combat Results Modification (Charles C. Allen)
2.10: Skill Increases (Charles C. Allen)
2.10: Re: RQ Spell Power? (Jeff Okamoto)
2.11: Review: Arachne Solare and You (Fred Schiff)
2.11: And Now for Something Completely Different (Fred Schiff)
2.12: RE: Arachne Solare and You (Jeff Okamoto)
2.12: RQ House rules (Keith Ivey)

3.1: Re: Spell Crit/Fumble Rolls (Steven A. Schrader)
3.1: What New Stuff is Scheduled from Chaosium? (Jeff Okamoto)
3.2: Heroquesting (David Gadbois)
3.3: Semi-completed Heroquest: Heroquest Rules (Steve Maurer)
3.4: Semi-completed Heroquest: The Hero Plane (Steve Maurer)
3.5: Semi-completed Heroquest: Hero/God Plane Magic (Steve Maurer)
3.6: Searching Rules (Burton Choinski)
3.7: Replies++ (Adrian Joseph)
3.7: Random Comments (Steve Maurer)
3.7: And More Stuff (Jeff Okamoto)
3.7: (Burton Choinski)
3.8: Re: Character Advancement (Allan Donsig)
3.8: More Errata (Allan Donsig)
3.8: Yet Another Experience System (YAES) (Mats Ollson)
3.9: Range: A Common Divine Spell (Andrew Bell)
3.9: Detailed Body Part Charts (Ed Wallman)
3.9: Re: Yet Another Experience System (Ian Domville)
3.10: Roundless Combat (Mark Abbott)
3.10: Sorcery Spell: (Element) Bolt (Andrew Bell)
3.11: Re: RQ Digest3#10 (Jeff Okamoto)
3.11: Re: RQ Digest3#10 (Bruce Mason)
3.11: Revised Element Bolt (Andrew Bell)
3.12: Another Spell (Andrew Bell)
3.12: New Magic Items (Doug Crabill)
3.12: Overcoming MPs of Friendly Targets (Doug Crabill)

4.1: Re: New Magic Items/Overcoming MPs (Andrew Bell)
4.1: Re: RQ Digest 3#12 (Jeff Okamoto)
4.1: Re: Overcoming MPs of Friendly Targets (Rich McAllister)
4.1: Re: RQ Digest 3#12 (David Gadbois)
4.1: Re: RQ Digest 3#12 (Bob Kusumoto)
4.2: Re: Shapechanging (Ken McKinney)
4.2: (Element) Bolt Wand (Andrew Bell)
4.3: Re: RQ Digest 4#2 (Jeff Okamoto)
4.3: Reusable Rune Magic (Andrew Bell)
4.4: Error in Elemental Bolt Wand (Andrew Bell)
4.4: Checks vs. Experience and a Few Toys (Michael P Mittmann)
4.4: A Few More Magic Items (Michael P Mittmann)
4.5: Re: Checks vs. Experience and a Few Toys (Jeff Okamoto)
4.5: Shamans & Possession (George Harris)
4.5: FRP Archive Server (Anthony Kapolka)
4.6: Tales of the Reaching Moon (David Gadbois)
4.6: Comments on the RQ Digest (Eric Jablow)
4.7: A Review of Elder Secrets (Bruce Mason)
4.7: Damage Modifiers Without Break Points (Andy Bolstridge)
4.8: Skill Check System (Steve Maurer)
4.8: Re: Fanzines (Elliot Wilen)
4.8: About AH and The Chaosium (Bruce Mason)
4.8: Re: Possessing a Shaman (George Harris)
4.9: Various Things (Eric Jablow)
4.9: Glorantha Questions (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
4.9: Range and Strength (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
4.10: RuneQuest 2, RuneQuest 3 and Glorantha (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
4.10: Sorcerous Familiars (George Harris)
4.10: Re: Losing Shamans, Possessing Spirts and Thrown Fetches (Eric Jablow)
4.11: Random Stuff (David Gadbois)
4.11: RQ III Sorcery (Dirk Walls)
4.11: Re: RQ III Sorcery (Andrew Bell)
4.11: Re: Various Things and Re: Glorantha Questions (Jeff Okamoto)
4.11: Sorcery Comments (Paul Reilly)
4.12: RQ II vs. III and Re: Sorcerous Familiars (Jeff Okamoto)
4.12: New Sorcery (Paul Reilly)

5.1: RQ Sorcery Quick Fix Correction (Andrew Bell)
5.1: Re: RQ III Sorcery (Michael Colligon)
5.1: Re: New Sorcery (Jeff Okamoto)
5.1: New Sorcery: Absorb Magic and Absorb Spell (Andrew Bell)
5.2: Re: RQ III Sorcery and New Sorcery (Jeff Okamoto)
5.2: Re: RQ III Sorcery (Andrew Bell)
5.2: Reply to Comments on DB, Sympathetic Magic, Phases (Paul Reilly)
5.3: More New Sorcery (Andrew Bell)
5.3: HeroQuest Rules Note (Andrew Bell)
5.3: (Steve Maurer)
5.3: Trollpaks Compared (Henk Langeveld)
5.3: Conjunction Trip Report (David Gadbois)
5.4: Offensive Spell (The Jade Piper)
5.4: Fancy Rules (Martin Crim)
5.4: Keith Ivey's Training Chart (Martin Crim)
5.5: Module Ideas (Harry the Dirty Dog)
5.5: Re: RQ Note Automagic (Runelord)
5.5: RQ Prices (Burton Choinski)
5.5: 3 Snippets for the RQ List (James Andrews)
5.5: RuneQuest Demons (Andrew JC Blyth)|
5.6: Humakti Status and Custom (Martin Crim)
5.6: Stormbull (Robert McArthur)
5.6: Praxian Tribes and Clans (Martin Crim)
5.6: The Written Rune (Bryan Maloney)
5.7: Willpower (A.V. Gieskens)
5.7: (M.P. Claessen)
5.7: InsightQuest #001 (Mike Dawson)
5.8: Combat Variant for RQ (Kelwyn Osborn)
5.8: What My Mother Told Me: A Personal View of Centaur Culture (Mike Dawson)
5.8: New Eurmal Spell in Extremely Poor Taste (Martin Crim)
5.8: Sworddancing (Part I) (A.V. Geiskens)
5.8: RQ Vampires (Digest 05#05) (Rich McAllister)
5.8: A Few Ideas on Riding (Roderick Robertson)
5.8: Storm Bull (RQ Digest 05#06.2) (Rich McAllister)
5.8: Reply to R. MacArthur's Storm Bull Questions (Roderick Robertson)
5.8: Writing for RuneQuest (Mike Dawson)
5.9: Retrint Campaign Stuff (Paul Reilly)
5.9: Character Generators and Vampires (Mike Dawson)
5.9: Adventure Plots (Mike Dawson)
5.9: Sorcery Spell Difficulty Levels (Michael Norrish)
5.9: Tales of the Reaching Moon (David Gadbois)
5.9: More Sorcery (Paul Reilly)
5.10: RQ III Alchemy System (Christopher Johnson)
5.10: Brithini Philosophy (Paul Reilly)
5.10: Skill Difficulty (Charles Allen)
5.10: Hrestoli Society (Paul Reilly)
5.11: Orlanthi Clans in Retrint (Paul Reilly)
5.11: Chaotic Vegetables (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
5.11: New Hrestoli Spells (Paul Reilly)
5.12: The City of Perfe (Paul Reilly)
5.12: Garhound Founding Legends (Martin Crim)
5.12: Delecti and the Upland Marsh (David Gadbois)
5.12: RuneQuest Chimera (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)

6.1: Grandfather Baboon (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.1: Chaotic Vegetation in Your Campaigns (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.1: The Circus is Coming! (Paul Reilly)
6.1: Three Orlanthi Hero Cults (Paul Reilly)
6.2: The Dilis Swamp (Paul Reilly)
6.2: More Wildlife of Dilis (Paul Reilly)
6.2: Golden Bow (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.2: Hippoi (Jamie O'Shaughnessy)
6.2: Devour: a New Sorcery Spell (Glen Bailey)
6.3: Old Wind Temple (John Castellucci)
6.3: Spell Spirit Strengths (Eric Jablow)
6.3: Delecti and the Upland Marsh Revisited (David Gadbois)
6.4: Chaotic Thoughts on the Block (John Castellucci)
6.4: Boggles (Martin Crim)
6.4: Review of Daughters of Darkness (Roderick Robertson)
6.4: The RQ III Armor Tables (Paul Heinz)
6.4: The Issue of Spoken and Written Language (Paul Heinz)
6.5: Summonable Spirits for Each Cult (Martin Crim)
6.5: Forthcoming RQ Releases from Avalon Hill (Michael O'Brien)
6.5: Getting Published by Avalon Hill, Part 1 (Michael O'Brien)
6.5: Reviews of Eldarad and Daughters of Darkness (Michael O'Brien)
6.5: Previous Experience (Michael O'Brien)
6.5: The Tachymat (Michael O'Brien)
6.5: (Andrew Brisbane)
6.6: Ruined-Quest? (Michael O'Brien)
6.6: RQ III Experience Calculator (Paul Heinz)
6.7: A Visitor's Guide to Glorantha (Mark Holsworth)
6.7: (Peter Loft)
6.7: (Michael O'Brien)
6.8: Some Ideas for a Byzantine "Alternate Earth" (Patrick Waterson)
6.8: (Michael O'Brien)
6.8: Further Ideas about a Byzantine Setting (Patrick Waterson)
6.8: (Michael O'Brien)
6.8: A Reading List for RQ -- Byzantine Pack (Michael O'Brien)
6.9: Escape from Quackford (John Castellucci)
6.10: Getting Published by Avalon Hill, Part 2 (Michael O'Brien)
6.10: RuneQuesting Down Under (Michael O'Brien)
6.10: French RQ (Michael O'Brien)
6.10: Cults within the Lunar Empire (Steve Maurer)
6.11: Sun County in Finnish (Michael O'Brien)
6.11: The Hero-Cult of Jalmar Ironword, Lt of Arkat (Tim Leask)
6.11: (Michael O'Brien)
6.11: Lottery Swords (Michael O'Brien)
6.11: A Hard Landing (Michael O'Brien)
6.11: RuneQuest Revisited: Training (Michael O'Brien)
6.12: The Gordayan (Jason Prince)
6.12: (Michael O'Brien)
6.12: Circus Based Scenerio (Mathew Lowry)
6.12: Tribal Outline (Michael O'Brien)
6.12: What There Might be in a Prax Pack (Michael O'Brien)
6.12: Eldarad -- Another Perspective (Graeme Prowse)
6.12: Inspiriation? Greg Stafford and the Films of Herschell Lewis (Michael O'Brien)

7.1: Western Saints (Oliver Jovanovic)
7.1: Teelo Norri (Oliver Jovanovic)
7.1: Glorantha Runespells (Steve Maurer)
7.1: What's Happening with HQ at Chaosium (Mike Dawson)
7.1: Origins 91 and RQ (Mike Dawson)
7.2: Reality-Based Societies for RQ (Martin Crim)
7.2: RQ Combat Additions (Bruce Mason)
7.2: Eurmal Shrines and the Things They Do! (Maurice Beyke)
7.2: Best Creatures for Familiars (Martin Crim)
7.2: Personalities of Glorantha (Michael O'Brien)
7.2: (Trevor Ackerly)
7.3: A Sun Dome Joke (Michael O'Brien)
7.3: Speculations on Truestone (Robert McArthur)
7.3: Latest Developments Regarding RQ (Michael O'Brien)
7.3: Blank Cult: Cult Format for RQIII (Troy Bankert)
7.3: What There Might be in Prax Pack (Troy Bankert)
7.3: An Opinion on the White Moon and She Who Waits (Troy Bankert)
7.3: Prosopaedia Expansion (Troy Bankert)
7.3: A Comment on MOB's Character Assassinations (Troy Bankert)
7.3: Finnish RuneQuest (Michael O'Brien)
7.3: Making Vampires Frightening (Maurice Beyke)

8.0: Tales of the Reaching Moon (Tim Leask)
8.0: Convulsion of the Trillion Tentacles (David Cheng)
8.0: Review of Sun County (Roderick Robertson)
8.1: Getting Published by Avalon Hill, Part 3 (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: Sun County Unofficial Errata (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: Sun County GM Notes on the River Ritual (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: (Troy Bankert)
8.1: Nick's Off (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: Greg Stafford Down Under (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: RuneQuest Character Generator (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: Cold Wind Over Sartar (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: (John Hughes)
8.1: About the Sun County Artists (Michael O'Brien)
8.1: Tales of the Reaching Moon (Michael O'Brien)
8.2: When can a Player DI? (Tim Leask)
8.2: Combat System Modifications (Peter van Heusden)
8.2: Convulsion '92 (Peter Wake)
8.2: Convulsion Report (John Dallman)
8.2: Runes Yet Again (David Cake)
8.2: Expanded Concentration Rules (Eric Rowe)
8.3: Dragonewts (Peter Maranci)
8.3: Discussion, Convulsion (Jeff Okamoto)
8.3: A Report on Convulsion of a Trillion Tentacles (David Cheng)
8.3: Convulsion Auction Prices Report (J.R. Davis)
8.4: Rune Power Blasphemy (David Cheng)
8.5: Re: Sanctuary/Glorantha (David Cheng)
8.5: Divine Intervention and Sea Gods (alex)
8.5: Troll Pak Impressions (Tom Zunder)
8.5: Chaosium Announces King of Sartar (David Gadbois)
8.5: RuneQuest Miniatures (Jean-Luc Brouillet)
8.5: Question: Errata for RQ? (Tom Zunder)
8.5: Sun County Review (Tom Zunder)
8.6: Upcoming AH Products (Oliver Jovanovic)
8.6: Back Issue Service (Thom Baguley)
8.6: New Campaign (Ghost Dancer)
8.6: New RQ Campaign Startup (Kirsten Niemann)
8.6: Using Kralorela as a Campaign Setting (Steve Gilham)
8.7: Sun County Campaign (Tom Zunder)
8.7: Re: Using Kralorela as a Campaign Setting (Oliver Jovanovic)
8.7: RQ-Con USA 1994 (David Cheng)
8.8: Re: the More (semi-official) Kralorelan Stuff (steveg)
8.8: A Pebble in a Pond (jacobus)
8.8: RQ III Errata (Andrew Bell)
8.8: 1621: The Cradle - Details Wanted (Ghost Dancer)
8.8: Re: 1621: The Cradle - Details Wanted (Henk Langeveld)
8.8: RE: Re: 1621: The Cradle - Details Wanted (Ghost Dancer)
8.8: River of Cradles - First Impressions (Thom Baguley)
8.9: The Runic Sorcery Magic System (Peter Maranci)
8.10: KoS: Various Bits and Pieces (Tom Zunder)
8.10: KoS: Everything Greg Stafford Says is Wrong (Clay Luther)
8.10: KoS: Greg is Wrong (Tom Zunder)
8.10: KoS: Red Moon, Glasnsost and AD&D (Tom Zunder)
8.10: KoS: Re: Self Contradicory KoS (Peter Wake)
8.10: KoS: Predestination, Cats, Ancestors, Rules... (steveg)
8.10: KoS: Re: Greg is Wrong (Thom Baguley)
8.10: KoS: Re: Greg is Wrong (Clay Luther)
8.10: KoS: KoS, ToTRM, non_Glora, Power Levels (Tom Zunder)
8.10: KoS: KoS and Multiple Argraths (David Cake)
8.10: KoS: High&Low, A&E, Yelorna, Trivia (steveg)
8.10: KoS: Glo/non-Glo, KoS, Rumours, A&E, FTP (Tom Zunder)
8.10: KoS: Running Hard to Catch Up... (steveg)
8.10: KoS: Re: Lots of Fri, 12 Feb Stuff (alex)
8.10: KoS: Re: GodTime, Mythology, KoS (alex)
8.10: KoS: White Wall (Tom Zunder)
8.10: KoS: Re: Argrath = Orlanth (alex)
8.10: KoS: Elmal Cult (boris)
8.10: KoS: Re: The RuneQuest Daily, Wed, 17 Mar 1993 (boris)

9.1: Shadows on the Borderlands A Cursory Review (Mark Sabalauskas)
9.1: Caution: Nick Brooke (David Cheng)
9.1: Loads of Stuff! (Nick Brooke)
9.1: Seven Cults for Seven Mothers (Bryan J. Maloney)
9.2: Trickster Stuff (Argranth)
9.2: Yaks and Books and Things That Go Bump (Nick Brooke)
9.2: Lunar Cults & Founders (Nick Brooke)
9.2: General Rant. I Love RuneQuest... (Sam Phillips)
9.2: God Learners, Mythology and Us! (Lewis Jardine)
9.3: Blue Moon Cult (Charles Fried)
9.4: Round the World (Michael O'Brien)
9.4: Carry On, Columbus (Nick Brooke)
9.4: About Light and the Round Earth Folly (Paul Reilly)
9.5: Mannimark and the King of Lead, Part 1 (Clay Luther)
9.6: Columbus Mercator (Nick Brooke)
9.6: Avators of the Gods (Loren Miller)
9.6: The Masks of God (Nick Brooke)
9.6: Faith in Glorantha (Ken Rolston)
9.7: Spoilers on Gaumata's Vision (Clay Luther)
9.8: Gaumata's Vision Spoilers (Nick Brooke)
9.9: Catching Up! (Nick Brooke)
9.9: Aeolian Church Ideas (Joerg Baumgartner)
9.10: Shamanism General Overview FAQ (Dean Edwards)

10.1: The Dragon Pass Renaissance (Joerg Baumgartner)

Supplement #1 This supplement: you asked for spells...     (Dave Martin)

Supplement #2 This supplement: A Campaign Mythology             (Richard Nuttall)

Supplement #3 This supplement: A Campaign Mythology (Part II)         (Richard Nuttall)

Supplement #4 This supplement:  Cult writeup: Babeester Gor             (Steve Maurer)

Supplement #5 This supplement: Heroquest Version 2.0                 (Steve Maurer)

Supplement #6 This supplement: Heroquest Questions and Answers             (Steve Maurer)

Supplement #7  This supplement: Heroquest Scenario: Black Fang's Temptation     (Steve Maurer)

Supplement #8 This supplement:  A Legend of Trickster                 (Paul Reilly)

Supplement #9 This supplement: Dragons in the Dark (Henk Langeveld)

History of the Race of Trolls by Greg Stafford.

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